The Best Way To Use Coconut Oil in The Hair: Promote Hair Growth

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Coconut Oil is known as one of the magical oil as an ingredient in the skin care industry. It has multitasking properties that ensures skin health, hair growth and skin glow. Although there are many ways to use Coconut Oil but here we will discuss the best way to use Coconut Oil in the hair and I am sure that after reading this article you will make use of it for the hair growth.

It is not only used as a moisturizer and exfoliator but is also used to treat conditions such as fine lines, acne, dark spots, scars, eczema and hair loss.

The oil also acts as a natural conditioner that helps in making hair soft and shiny.

So if you consider using Coconut oil in your daily routine than not only your skin will become soft, younger, glowing and hydrated but your hair loss will also stop.

Coconut oil, being a triglyceride of lauric acid (principal fatty acid), has a high affinity for hair proteins and, because of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain, is able to penetrate inside the hair shaft.

Most Effective Ways on How to Use Coconut Oil to Regain Hair Growth

Coconut Oil And Castor Oil Hair Mask

Coconut Oil is a rich source of lauric acid that has antibacterial properties.

One of the main reason for hair loss is the damaged scalp due to dryness. Coconut Oil protects from scalp infections and promotes hair growth.

Castor Oil for hair growthMix both the oils in a bowl and gently apply to your dry hair. Massage with oil mixture for at least 5 minutes and than put it on a shower cap. Then you can keep it overnight or rinse it off after 2 hours. Repeat this process 2-3 times a week to regain hair at a faster pace.

Castor Oil contains omega- 6 essential fatty acids and ricinoleic acid whereas Coconut Oil is rich in Vitamin A, E and K that helps in strengthening the roots and increasing blood circulation of scalp.

Thus, this results in hair growth.

Coconut Oil And Tea Tree Oil Hair Mask

The ability of Coconut Oil to penetrate deep inside the hair shaft provides adequate hair nourishment with its enriched fatty acids.

If you want to nourish your hairs at the roots than consider mixing Coconut Oil with Tree Tea Oil. This mixture is perfect for the hair growth as it speeds up the hair growth by unclogging the hair follicles.

tea tree oil

Mix Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil together in a glass bowl and boil the mixture in the microwave for few seconds. Then massage it gently onto your scalp for 10 minutes. Then soak your towel with hot water and wrap it around your head. Leave it wrapped for 20 minutes and than rinse it with shampoo and conditioner. Repeat this process thrice a week for best results.

Coconut Oil And Camphor Oil Hair Mask

Camphor Oil fights with hair fall and stimulates the hair roots. If this oil is mixed with moisturizing Coconut Oil and applied on hair and scalp than this propels hair growth.

Mix Coconut Oil and Camphor Oil together in a glass bowl and massage it onto your hair and scalp. Leave it for about 30 minutes and than rinse it with shampoo. Repeat this process twice a week for best results.

Coconut Oil in a Jar

Coconut Oil And Hibiscus Flower Hair Mask

The method using Hibiscus and Coconut Oil combination is one of the best hair regain treatment. Hibiscus contains hair growing natural compositions such as Vitamin C and Amino Acid.

Pink Hibiscus Flower

The compositions helps in maintaining the natural hair color and prevents premature grey color of hair. It stops the problem of hair fall as well and makes the hair roots stronger.

  • 1 cup virgin coconut oil (Buy From Here)
  • 8 hibiscus flowers
  • hibiscus leaves (optional)

Add Coconut Oil in a pan and add 8 hibiscus flowers to it. You can also add few hibiscus leaves. Then boil the oil for few minutes till it gets slightly red. Let the Oil cool down. Then mash the hibiscus remains and strain the oil. Keep this Oil in air tight jar. That’s it.

Now you can apply this hair oil 3 times in a week and leave it for at least half an hour. You can also leave it overnight for best results. Then do shampoo next day.

Coconut Oil And Aloe Vera Gel Hair Mask

A mixture of Aloe Vera gel and Coconut Oil helps in fighting dandruff related hair issues. Not only that, if you have dry hair, damaged hair or even hair fall than also this combination does wonders.

Aloe Vera Gel for Hair Growth

Take 100% pure half cup Aloe Vera Gel and blend it nicely. Then boil half cup cold pressed Coconut Oil using double boiler method such that it becomes warm enough for hot oil treatment. Then mix it with your Aloe Vera Gel. Add 3-4 drops of Tea Tree Oil and mix everything well. If you see traces of Aloe Vera in the mixture than just strain the mask using lightweight cloth. That’s it.

Now you can apply this mask to your entire hair length making sure that it goes into your scalp area nicely. Leave it like that for 1 hour and than rinse it with cold water.

Tips for Applying Coconut Oil on Hair

The above hair regrowth ideas are 100% pure and natural as they contain high quality ingredients. But I will recommend to always do a patch test before applying Coconut oil for your Skin Type. Chances are that your scalp or hair might not respond as it supposed to be. So do a patch test first to make sure of any allergies before trying any of the above remedy.

It is always better and sufficient to apply small amounts of Coconut Oil in hairs rather than overly putting too much. Applying too much may clog the hair follicle which is not good for hair health.


Coconut Oil is a natural hair growth solution for your hair health. It is being used for centuries. There is no need to use unnatural or fancy hair shining conditioners and serums for hair growth as this is the all in one natural hair growth problem solver.

Let us know if you find this topic interesting, helpful and relevant. If you have any questions or tips than make sure to let us know through comments. We will be happy to add it here if that is something useful.

8 thoughts on “The Best Way To Use Coconut Oil in The Hair: Promote Hair Growth”

  1. The variety of formulas you offer here for different hair concerns is amazing.  All the recipes are simple to make and easy to apply.  As an “older” male, hair loss and thinning is a big problem so I was very happy to read about the hibiscus formula.  I am going to try.  I have used coconut oil for cooking, but had not thought about it as a hair remedy. Thank you for the suggestions.  I look forward to more posts in the future.

    • Hi Anastazja,

      Thanks for liking this article about hair growth.

      That’s true. Hair loss is a big problem especially for older people. Coconut Oil has a high affinity of hair proteins due to the containment of Lauric Acid. As such, it penetrates deep inside scalp and provides hair growth and strength. Damaged scalp is the main reason for hair fall. So this works great.

  2. Hi, your website looks very professional and your post in well-written and informative. I love coconut oil and am continually amazed with it’s numerous benefits. I love promoting natural skin and hair products. I will definitely try the coconut oil and aloe gel hair mask, seems wonderful on hair! One suggestion I have is maybe to add some relevant images to your article? I’m such a visual learner and I’m sure this would help others engage on your site as well. Great work!

    • Hi Sarah, glad you liked the website and information provided in this post. Yes Coconut Oil is good in many ways for hair treatment. And if you mix it with other essential oils in a right way then it’s a wonder. I will surely look forward to add some images to make it more visually appealing as per your suggestion. Thanks!

  3. This is great information! I need to show this to my wife, I think that she would really enjoy them. She has a lot of hair and talks about different products to use. Do you have one in particular that you like the most? I would love to surprise my wife with some of these items, it would be a perfect gift!

    • Hi Travis, these all are best in the category. You could suggest any of these for your wife. Just follow the details and tips given here to find out the best based on your needs.

  4. I most certainly understand all these methods and combination in using the coconut oil for hair treatment, and I have the hair fall issue that sometimes gives me a headache. I’m so glad and like this post, since you share the natural solutions. But, about the method of Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera Gel Hair Mask, is it okay if I apply this on wet hair, and how many times should I use it in a week?

    • Hi Rsln,

      I am glad that you like this post. Yes you can apply on wet hair too but if you do so then rinse it with towel before applying it as you have to leave it for at least 1 hour. Just apply it the way you apply any other oil and concentrate on scalp while you do so. I applies this hair mask once a week.


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