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Body Lotion is very beneficial and this is a well-known fact because millions of people use it in their daily routine. However, very few people know that what is the best body lotion for dry skin.

Some people just follow the tradition and use it just because they saw their near and dear ones use it in their daily routine. The majority of such people don’t really know the benefits of using body lotion.

We often spend our time caring for our face but we neglect caring for the other body parts. While it is true that our face is delicate and needs routine caring but our whole body needs nourishment too.

Our other body parts like legs and arms are often exposed to external surroundings like the sun and environment pollutants that can make our skin dry, cracked and sunburned.

The above reasons are a few examples of why body lotion is essential for daily needs.

So here we will discuss the best body lotion for dry skin and why to use only organic one.

The lotion is different than a moisturizer?

Yes, there is a difference. A difference typically is – when and where they are applied.

Lotions are particularly light and are designed to be applied to the body for many reasons.

Moisturizers can be thicker or lighter than the lotion and are often designed to be used on the face for moisturization.

Check the detailed difference between the moisturizer and lotion here so that you make the right decision on which one to buy based on your needs.

You may need a natural moisturizer if skin hydration is your main concern.

Why Organic Body Lotion?

Organic body lotions take advantage of fruit and vegetable oils, butter and essential oils to provide hydration and softness in order to transform the body without any use of harmful chemical-based products.

cream lotion for dry skin

So the best thing is to use organic body lotion in our daily routine to protect our skin and keep it soft and supple while maintaining the original texture.

Top Benefits Of Using Body Lotion Regularly

Hydrating Dry Skin

A sudden change in body temperature due to external surroundings can make your skin rough and dry.

For example- when we take a hot bath then our skin that is chapped becomes hard to be taken care of by regular cosmetics.

People with sensitive skin usually cope up with this situation in which no matter which climate they are in, their skin becomes reluctant to adopt the change and as a result, their skin becomes dry and irritated quite easily.

So in order to address this dryness, a natural body lotion is a perfect solution for your skin.

Skin Softness After Shaving

Shaving makes our skin hard, dry and flaky. Some shaving gels contain harmful ingredients like SLS or SLES that causes skin irritation. So to replenish the original look and feel, we should always use natural shaving gel and apply natural body lotion to make our skin soft and silky.

Supple And Youthful Skin

Youthful skin is an indication of good skin health which reduces the signs of early aging. By using body lotion in our daily routine, we allow our skin to be supple and smooth thereby looking younger than the age.

Feeling of Relaxation

We often tend to be so busy with the usual daily work that we neglect our own well-being. Continuous work without relaxing is not good for health. Moreover, this could even give stress and pain. We should spare some time for ourselves to feel relaxed.

A slow, steady and gentle massage with a body lotion can remove stress and release tension. This is a wonderful gift that you can give to someone who is feeling tired.

Delicate Fragrance

There are many fragrances based body lotions available in stores that you can choose based on your choice. A good fragrance gives relaxing sensation which is a great way to start the day just after a bath.

Tip 1: Check the list of ingredients during purchase to make sure that you are not allergic so that you know that this body lotion will suit your skin type or not. Preservation-Based body lotion can cause redness and breakouts on the skin of some people.

Tip 2: We should choose organic body lotion based on our skin type. We should check if our skin works best with water-based body lotion or butter-based body lotion or oil-based body lotion. For extremely dry skin types, you may want to explore butter-based body lotions.

There are so many so-called body lotions in the market that claim to be organic and natural but still contain cheap preservatives and irritating chemicals. So it is a painful task to choose the real ones.

However, we have done the research and came up with the body lotions that are free from chemicals.

Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin

EOS Body Lotion

EOS Body Lotion for dry skin

This dermatologist-tested lotion gives 24-hour moisturization so it is best for dry skin. Its fabulous smell gives amazing feeling and sensation and it absorbs quickly enough on the skin leaving no trace at all.

The lotion consists of natural Shea Butter, Avocado oil and Vitamin E for nourishment and hydration.

Purity Indicators: paraben-free, petroleum-free and mineral oil-free.

Key Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Fragrance (Perfume), Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter.

Key Benefits: 24-hour moisturization, Fast Absorbing, Dermatologist tested, Fabulous Smell.

Buy: Amazon

Osea Ocean Lotion

Osea Ocean Lotion for dry skin

Osea is a brand that embodies the core elements of wellness: Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere. The brand uses ingredients that are free from any toxic and synthetic in the products. OSEA is one such brand that does not use synthetic chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals, and sulfates.

This lotion contains a blend of carrier oils (Macadamia, Kukui, Rosehip, and Avocado) that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. It absorbs quickly on the skin without leaving any trace. Although it is perfect for all skin types, it is especially good for dry and sensitive skin.

Purity Indicators: paraben-free, petroleum-free, sulfate-free.

Key Ingredients: Algae Extract, Avocado Oil, Kukui Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Shea Butter.

Key Benefits: Absorbs immediately, Lightweight, Moisturizing, Age-Defying.

Buy: Amazon

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

This clinically proven, award-winning and dermatologist recommended 24-hour moisturizing body lotion is best for dry skin. It locks in skin moisture and improves skin health in just one day. It helps to protect and nourish dry skin.

A unique soothing oatmeal formula not only absorbs quickly but also leaves your skin soft and healthy.

It contains Oatmeal as a natural ingredient which is mostly recommended by dermatologists that helps in restoring skin’s normal pH and aid in the maintenance of the skin’s moisture barrier. So your skin never feels dry due to the replenishing effect that keeps on moisture for soft and smoother skin without drying out.

Purity Indicators: Paraben-Free, Natural ingredients, Fragrance-Free, Active Naturals, Non-Greasy.

Key Benefits: Absorbs quickly, Moisturizes, Nourishes, Softens, Non-Comedogenic, Restores normal pH.

Key Ingredients: Water, glycerin, Avena sativa (oat) kernel flour, Dimethicone 1.2% (skin protectant).

Buy: Amazon

Tip: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion can be used from 13 years and above.

French Lavender Organic Whipped Body Butter

French Lavender Organic Whipped Body Butter

This natural body butter from 100percentpure contains ingredients like creamy cocoa, Shea, and avocado butter that deeply moisturizes and softens any skin type. The added hydration from aloe and rose hydrosol provides softness.

The all-natural light and irresistible scent of lavender absorbs quickly on any skin type and provides all-day hydration and moisturization. Vitamin E is the ingredient that restores and protects from free radical damage.

Purity Indicators: Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free.

Key Benefits: Deeply Moisturizing, Absorbs Quickly, Replenishes Lost Hydration, Calming Scent of Lavender.

Key Ingredients: Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Argan oil, Shea butter, Avocado, Cocoa Butter.

Buy: 100percentpure.com

Coconut Organic Lime Whipped Body Butter

Coconut Organic Lime Whipped Body Butter

This body butter gives immediate relief from dry and flaky skin by intensely moisturizing the skin. The body butter is enriched with cocoa butter and avocado oil to provide soft and smooth skin.

The superfruits acai and goji berry have anti-aging properties and these all are packed with vitamins and oxidants to provide soft and smoother skin. This body butter can be used daily for hydration and get a feel of refreshing lime scent.

Purity Indicators: Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free.

Key Benefits: Intensely Moisturizing, Anti-Aging, Daily Hydration, Refreshing Lime Scent.

Key Ingredients: Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Argan oil, Shea butter, Avocado, Cocoa Butter.

Buy: 100percentpure.com


Organic Body Lotion keeps our body hydrated and moisturized. This is a fantastic way to feed the skin and look and feel like a million bucks. Improve your health and skin quality over time and get rid of sagging, sunburn and irritating skin.

So let us know through comments about your experience and we will be happy to share it here.

11 thoughts on “What Is The Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin – Organic Healthy Body”

  1. Hi Neha,

    I appreciate you coming up with this informative post.

    To be honest, I am one of those mentioned by you in your post, who didn’t know the real difference between a lotion and a moisturizer, until I read your post. I have dry skin and have been using different moisturizers that I can get my hands on in the superstore without giving much thought.

    But I think I need to make sure I choose the right one now from the list you have mentioned that suits my skin type.



  2. I am one of those with sensitive skin.  My skin is very sensitive, especially on the shoulders.  If I expose my shoulders to the sun they crack, so I always use the body lotion.  I also use the body lotion to prevent my feet from peeling.  Not every body lotion will give you the value for your money. So one needs to know his/her body and chose the right product.  Organic body lotions are good, but sometimes labelling can mislead.  EOS is one of the best products.

    • Hi Sandikazi Scwebu,

      That’s correct. Choosing the right product is very important for healthy skin. We should choose a product based on our skin type and ingredients. Labelling can mislead and for similar reasons, we came up with the best organic products after hard research so that it is easy to decide the best product as per needs.

  3. I never knew the difference in all different kinds of lotions.  I always have dry cracked skin during the winter, to the point that I have to wear gloves at work because the cold plus handling cardboard boxes all day just dried my hands beyond belief!  It’s nice to know that there are organic, good smelling lotions out there that can really help me out, thank you!

    • Hi Annie,

      Yes, cold weather leaves your skin cracked and dry. I would suggest that you apply a hand cream for dry and cracked hands. There are several good hand creams available specifically for hand hydration and moisturization to make your hands soft and smooth.

      So I would suggest to rather check the following creams especially for cracked hands – Best Hand Cream For Dry Cracked Hands

  4. Hello there thanks for putting out this article as it is of great importance in this region of the world, because of our climate we usually have moistured skin after reading this article I have found the solution to the problem.i like your selection especially the Osea Ocean Lotion. thanks once again I would be in touch with your blog for new articles like this.

    • Hi, David ben,

      Sure you can check this blog anytime for new articles on organic and natural skincare. I hope you will find much more useful information like that.

  5. Hi Neha,

    I am scared of the list of ingredients written on the bottles and not sure what some of them are. They all should be paraben, triclosan, phthalate-free. Reading your post I kind of feel my skin may benefit from an organic body lotion. I will look at them carefully and pick one.

    The skin has a good absorption capacity and the lotion will penetrate beyond the epidermis. I imagine the lotions you have recommended are all supposed to work in a similar way. From outside the packaging looks excellent and so also the ingredients inside.

    I live naturally. I have never used body lotions on my body over the decades. My skins are spotless not oily nor very dry. Your post has convinced me to feed the skin from outside as well.

    • Hi Anusuya, 

      That’s great that you understand the benefits of using organic body lotion. 

      Yes skin has natural capacity to absorb and so these lotions work that way taking advantage of the skin capacity to penetrate inside and getting absorbed. 

      Taking care of our body from outside is as necessary as taking care from inside. I an glad that you understand this and convinced through this post. Thanks for reading.

  6. Always a good thing to hydrate the skin and I understand all too well since I get my occasional psoriasis irritating at best and difficult sometimes to use locations. Moisturizers are great always in market for getting a good skin care product. Something that has a good oil base works best for me I find most lotions are water based and well works for parts of skin. Something with the Coconut butter would be a great product in my case psoriasis would benefit well with these thicker moisturizers now that is what I’m talking about. Great article really good products here. You know your way around locations.

    • Hey Daniel,
      That’s great that you found the products for your needs. Yes, Coconut butter related products are good ones for keeping you hydrated all day long.
      All these products are natural and you will feel the quality once you use them. Thanks for reading the post.


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