What Is The Best Hand Cream For Dry Cracked Hands?

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Cold weather leaves us with dry, cracked hands. The feeling of having dry and cracked hands can make a person very uncomfortable. Thus, take your hand’s skin seriously and always keep a hand cream in your bag for use. But then you have to know that what is the best hand cream for dry cracked hands.

Ensuring that we got the best cream for our hands is not as easy as we might think. Sometimes we somehow get the best cream but due to lack of knowledge on how to apply and when to apply, results are not really effective and we give up with that best cream.

It is important to know when you need to apply hand cream, as this helps in protecting your hands. For example, when you are done washing your hands, you should apply a hand cream to make sure that the moisture from the water does not evaporate, instead, it is sealed into your skin.

Moreover, properly apply the cream on your hands before going to sleep, as this will keep your skin moisturized when it goes through the regeneration procedure.

So, if you are also struggling with cracked, dry hands, then don’t worry, there is always a best natural and effective hand cream that will help in hydrating and moisturizing your hands, prevent them from getting dry by making them soft and smooth. Here we will see that what is the best hand cream for dry cracked hands.

List of Top Hand Creams For Dry And Cracked Hands

Coconut Hydrate and Restore Hand Cream

Coconut Hydrate and Restore Hand CreamCoconut oil is popularly known for its hydrating properties. It provides hydration to every part of your body, from your hair to your legs. This is why, Coconut Hydrate and Restore Hand Cream is also in the list of the best hand creams. This cream aids in healing cracked and dried hands, as well as keeps your cuticles moisturized and soft.

The cream contains organic and natural ingredients, such as Virgin coconut (enriched with vitamins E, C, and A), grapefruit extract, Avocado Oil and Shea Butter. All these ingredients play an important role in protecting your cuticles and hands from drying out. It is free of petroleum, SLS and parabens.

  • Price: $5.99
  • Best Feature: Cuticle saver
  • Key Ingredients: Grapefruit extract, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, and Coconut
  • Buy: You can order this hand cream from Amazon

L’Occitane Fast-Absorbing Hand Cream

L’Occitane Fast-Absorbing Hand CreamThis smooth and silky cream comprises of almond oil and almond milk that helps in nourishment and softness of hands. It leaves no oily traces due to the tender and silky textures of almond in the cream. This cream can be applied as often as needed.

This non-greasy formula has a creamy texture that is perfect for keeping your hands hydrated throughout the day.  A little amount is more than enough and 1-oz. tube size is perfect for your purse. The cream is suitable for normal to dry hands.

  • Price: $12.00
  • Best Feature: Smoothens the skin texture, light milky scent, no greasy finish
  • Key Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Almond Milk, Organic Shea Butter
  • Buy: You can order this hand cream from Amazon

Okeefe Working Hands Cream

Okeefe Working Hands CreamIf you have dried out, cracked or chapped hands, then it is time to use Okeefe Working Hands Cream. This hand cream works wonder for dry hands, as it is an ultra-concentrated balm that hydrates your hands instantly.

The best thing about this cream is that it rebuilds the lipid layer of your skin with the help of glycerin, thus creating a protective barrier that locks in the moisture. It aids in boosting the dehydrated cells of your skin by delivering water towards them.

  • Price: $6.49
  • Best Feature: Instantly hydrates your skin
  • Key Ingredients: Glycerin, stearic acid, mineral oil, paraffin
  • Buy: You can order this hand cream from Amazon

Miracle Hand Repair Cream

Miracle Hand Repair CreamAloe Vera has some super healing properties. It aids in warding off infections, soothing burns and healing wounds. The Miracle Hand Repair Cream contains Aloe vera, which is a non-greasy formula, helps in curing your dried hands.

  • Price: $11.99
  • Best Feature: Suitable for Red, Rough and Cracked hands
  • Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Stearic Acid, Mineral Oil
  • Buy: You can order this hand cream from Amazon

Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream

Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand CreamSometimes when the skin remains dry for a longer period, then it turns into eczema (a skin disease which makes your skin extremely sensitive and super dry). This hand cream is specially formulated for such skin types. Thus, it is the ultimate solution for dried-out and sensitive skin.

Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream consists of BHAs that exfoliate your skin gently, allowing moisture to deeply penetrate into the skin. It is scent-free, which makes it popular among sensitive skin people. This cream comes in a pack of 3, so you have 3 tubes, one for your office, second for car and third to put in your bag.

  • Price: $13.47
  • Best Feature: Fast absorbing, non-greasy
  • Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, enriched with ceramides
  • Buy: You can order this hand cream from Amazon


It is essential to understand the importance of taking care of your hand’s skin to prevent it from getting cracked, rough and dry. For this, you need to use hand cream regularly. The above mentioned are the best hand creams for dry, cracked hands. So what are you waiting for? Get one of these now!

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